Awesome Features

  • CHAT:

    In this section, users can use two types of platforms to communicate with each other through simple chat or chat on the blockchain platform, depending on their needs.


    In addition of having a high security, fast data transfer and user privacy protection, this section also has other features such as swap, staking and liquidity.


    This section is a growing ecosystem active on blockchain, which you can browse for games, markets, exchanges and social networks.


    In this section you can play, earn points, buy and sell and earn money.


    In this section, digital currency news is provided to the audience And also a good place for brands to advertise and be seen more.


    Our team has provided many benefits for users, including strict POS-based security protocols which reduce selfish actions by issuing various penalties, and also less expensive for users by lowering transaction costs.

How It Works

Your Data in Cloud

Your data and contents are stored in a safe space for communicating without

intermediaries based on smart contracts and on blockchain platform.

Exclusive Design

A messenger has been created on blockchain platform for various businesses

and with a specialized wallet design to respond to different needs of users.


In addition of having security and high data transfer speed,

Boundless World Wallet also maintains user privacy and is improving day by day

to meet the needs of users.

Track Time From Anywhere

Easy to Use

Users can use a toolbar at the bottom side of the pages for easier and faster access.

Monitoring & Management

You can monitor and manage your own page. If you need secure
connection, you can use chat page which is set up on blockchain platform.

With this application you can:

– Chat with your friends, from any where around the world.

– Transfer your currencies without any worries or problems.

– Communicate with people around you, using Look Around feature.

– Experience chat on blockchain platform.

– Get informed about the latest crypto news.

– Move any content without intermediaries.

– Buy, sell and store your NFTs.

– Visit various exchange apps, games and social networks with a secure
browser on blockchain platform.

– Convert coins with the lowest transaction cost.

– Use a specialized page for advertising and make your brand more visible.


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